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A-Z | Dictionary our used data

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An explanation from A-Z about the ones we used.

All parameters and data used are freely available. We have chosen them because they are important for the overall project evaluation. We have also created an overview free of volumes and marketcaps which allows you to jump through different projects with just one click.

AnnThis is the link to the project announcement.
BaseThe used code base from the blockchain source code. It’s the base. This does not say from which real code base the code was forked. Example GOSSIP Blockchain: Code base: PIVX but forked from: PHORE. It cannot be tracked from which code was forked. Mostly the operators themselves do not know if they do not have their own blockchain developer.
BootstrapExists a snapshot of the blockchain. Old static bootstrap snapshots are not accepted. A bootstrap snapshot is not necessarily required, it is just a nice to have feature and is not included in the overall rating.
Build SignedIs the software release signed either with a SHA256 checksum and/or GPG.
Chain StartThe chain start is not to be confused with the project start. A project can be active for several years and have started a new blockchain 6 months ago.
ChatThis is the link to the project chat.
CI-BuildsA tool for continuous integration is used (e.g. Travis-CI).
CMCThis is a direct link to CoinMarketCap. CMC is a trusted statistic site.
UpdatedThe date of the last wallet update from the repository. This value should be used with caution. Some non-professional developers regularly update readme files or installation scripts that have nothing to do with a wallet update to present ” fake activity” here.
DNS IPv4/6It shows if DNS seeders are present.
Explorer SpeedHere we determine the speed of the block explorer using Google’s PageSpeed Insight. Fast is sexy.
Gitian BuildIf the software was compiled using Gitian.
Last ReleaseWe are reading via the Github API the last release date.
P2PThe wallet peer-to-peer TCP port. It’s the “standard” port.
Proof TypeThe Consensus Algorithm. Bitcoin is using PoW.
PurposeThe base of a project. A project without a real usecase is useless in long term. To make fast money it can work. The question is, who is the winner?
RPCThe wallet remore-procedure-port. Background communication and data exchange is going on here.
TeamThe amount of displayed team members on the website. A “?” means, that the team is intransparent and we don’t know who is behind. Hypocritical photos or avatars do not count as team members.
TimingThe average time in which a new block is created. Specified in seconds.
TrustThe confidence level displayed is an overall result of the different values. Many good things create trust.
Update AgeWe are reading via the Github API the date from the last release and calculate the difference to now.
Wallet VersionWe are reading via the Github API the version number from the latests release.
WebThis is the link to the project website.
WPThis is the direct link to the WhitePaper.
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