Stake and Nodes – Unique Masternode comparison

Why we do this

As exciting and interesting as the world of the master nodes is, as dangerous it can be if you invest money in a “wrong” project. We have been active in this field for several years and have experienced a lot, many projects come and go, many successes and failures. Nobody can predict if a project is successful or not, if it will make an exit scam or if it will survive on the market.

However, there are already some points how to evaluate a project and you can think about investing money here. The great thing about crypto is, if you are lucky you can earn a lot of money with relatively little effort. But if you are unlucky you can also lose a lot of money with little effort.

If I remember correctly, more than 2000 different Masternode projects were listed in 2018. As of today, 2020-06-19 there are 276 on What happened to the 1700 projects? Everything and nothing. No power to survive in the market, lots of exit scams, parody projects, hacks and whatever. A reason that still means the death of many projects, the project owners underestimate their efficiency and abilities. My (old) statement: Blockchain = Software developement

If there is no one in a blockchain project who can program anything, then the project is doomed to failure. Such a thing exists? Yes, there is! That is the predominant reality in many projects. A layman can’t tell these things.

The overall quality must be better!

Exactly for this reason we decided to report about it and to bring this platform to life. Crypto veterans will now say, moment, the logo and the name “Stake and Nodes” has been there before. Correct. Allen started the project in 2017, but he concentrated on his further project and let “Stake and Nodes” expire. I knew “Stake and Nodes” in active times and I can say it was great. This is exactly where we want to continue. “Stake and Nodes” will be great again.

Transparency is important. We have built in a changelog and everyone can see what we have changed. So you can easily see which projects are actively working on the improvement and which are less interested.

Who we are?

This is certainly a question that many would like to have answered. No problem. Behind “Stake and Nodes” is the team from the “GOSSIP Blockchain Project“. For a long time we have been thinking about the gap in the market we can close. Now we have found something that we enjoy, that we understand, that we can handle and that promises a future for our GOSSIP project. If it were different, we would just be JAM. We don’t want that because we put too much work into the project.
We want to make our contribution to a better crypto world. Because we believe in it.

You are welcome to visit us and also you can see our faces. Website | Twitter | Telegram

What we do not do

We are not financial consultants and do not give any recommendations to invest money in a specific project. Furthermore, we do not favour any project and approach the evaluation of each project objectively.

All ratings are original from us. Nothing is copied and we do not rate better or worser against payment!