Funny founds in blockchain code

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Prgramming Meme

When we investigate a blockchain project, an essential thing is the software repository. The one or other attentive reader will have noticed that the quality of the software is not very good in many projects. However, from time to time, we stumble upon some funny creations and would like to start collecting them.

Always so often wrong, always the same

In the source file chainparams.cpp, we can see “DNSSeedData.” DNS means Domain Name System. We are speaking about a DNS name and not about an IP address when Satoshi means IP addresses; he would declare it with “IPSeedData” or not?!

Satoshi has thought: If the DNS seeder fails we need a backup in case of emergency that the wallets get connections. He has built in a backup solution: Static seed nodes with IP addresses. Why have so few hobby developers not found this yet? It’s ready to use in every source code. đŸ˜²

The repository is from a (currently) active project and was only used as an example.

You can do no more wrong…

Here we are speaking about the Northern crypto project and their Github repo. I heard, Kingrichar the “developer,” is so good and active. Yes, he is involved in his repo. But he does not know what he is doing, and when I see this, I get scared.

I can not see what the hell he is updating, only the version number, and that’s all?! Â đŸ¤”Â 
To release software without a changelog is non-transparent.

We don’t even want to talk about the meaningless versioning…

The next screenshot is also from this repo.

He updates the checkpoints very diligently and regularly. That is good. But for a checkpoint, you also have to update the timestamp so that the chain knows the exact time of the last checkpoint.

Two lines below the checkpoint hash are the time. “UNIX timestamp of last checkpoint block.”
Unfortunately, the Unix timestamp 1547428701 is from 2019-01-14 – 02:18:21 and not from April 2020.

You think it can’t get any worse? Surely it can…

It’s again in the source file “chainparams.cpp.” But what we can see here beats everything. It’s JustinPercy work. He is a guy from Canada. Here on Medium.com, I found his history. I saved this article in our blog as pdf.

Dear Justin, what you are doing with this code is not correct. I think you can mow lawns correctly, but blockchain coding is not for you. Learning by doing and a degree in computer science are two different things. Or you can explain your ideas to add 1935 (!) masternode IP addresses in the DNS Seed data? I have also saved this misstep as a pdf on our server, so we have secured the evidence, and nobody can claim otherwise.

stakecube chainparams.cpp
stakecube chainparams.cpp

Justin have his own crypto project, Profit Hunters Coin (PHC). Even his website isn’t running with https. It’s a surprise when we will open his own chainparams.cpp.
And? YES! The same crap!

chainparams.cpp PHC

He always tried hard. – This statement fits to 100% his work.

The next one with the checkpoints…

WinWin Github failure

Here a snippet from the Twins (win.win) repository. The person created with a lot of effort and love so many (useless) checkpoints. But one important thing he forgot (what makes the checkpoint a checkpoint): The estimated number of transactions per day. “0” can’t work. With a block time of 60 seconds, you have 1440 blocks per day, so with a few transactions, 1500 can be a good value here. But not “0”. Â đŸ˜‚Â 


If we find more phenomena we will write them down here. Uncensored.

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