Official Transcendence (TELOS) Discord shut down by the CEO

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I was surprised to discover this Sunday morning when I was looking at my discord servers that I was no longer logged into the TELOS discord server. After a short message to Pascal, the TELOS CEO, I knew why. He sent me the link to the TELOS news; everything was written here.

I was a little bit shocked because this is really a huge step. Personally I’m not a big fan of discord either, but in the crypto area, it’s the direct connection to the community. And the community is the most important and most expensive thing a project has.

The communication will now be continued in my own forum. I am a bit skeptical and at the same time, I am curious if this will work.

Here is the original statement:

Official Transcendence Discord shut down by Pascal

 By bugalaJune 20, 2020

Yep, you read that right. Pascal finally shut down the official Transcendence Discord channel and quite suddenly too due to an annoying argument in that Discord channel.

Unofficial Transcendence Discord Channel however is alive and well

Now while this news might sound shocking, no need to panic, however, since this sounds much worse than it is.

While Pascal might have done this move on a whim, it wasn’t completely unplanned. Pascal had thought about shutting down Official Discord a couple of times before, both when annoyed as well as when restructuring his plans.

For personally I think he always had a love-hate relationship with the Discord channel. It seems to me at the same time he loves to talk with the fans, but also hates the time it takes.

It has been very clear from several discussions in Discord that Pascal feels he is losing time from much more important projects from Telos community point of view too when he’s been talking in Discord, and for a long time he has been seeing it as a problem that needs to be solved.

Pascal had very clearly been planning to move more towards the background and hoping Community to take over more of Telos, that instead of him being the face of Telos, he was hoping Community to be the face of the Telos. One of the bigger moves towards this was when he announced the community jobs. Idea was that he was hoping there had come more people from Community, even some new blood to fill all these positions and he himself could have stayed more on the background.

However, there hasn’t been an exact rush of job applicants on those jobs, so for this, I have to say to you, the community, step up more!

If you feel you are not good enough, so arent the rest. As long as you get voted for the job position, you can stay there until next time someone else is voted. If you do a bad job, well, at least you tried.

So go on and run on to one of these positions, or find even some completely new blood to fill them. People without crypto experience are welcome too, since they think outside the box from our point of view and might help with plans to make the Telos mass adaption better.

Anyway. Official Transcendence Discord is now shut down, but Unofficial Community Transcendence Discord is well up and running, and Pascal himself is there too.

While it might look bad being such a sudden move, I am sure in the long term this is for the better, for now, Pascal finally can focus more on things that actually take Telos forward instead of looking at Discord (although I am pretty sure he will still be using more than a healthy amount of time in Community Discord).

Official Transcendence Discord is dead!
Long Live the Unofficial Trascendence Discord!

ps. Pascal is already talking of a new discord alternative maybe a week later with aml-now login, so I wouldn’t say it is completely dead, just being reborn.


Pascal posted this about the closing of the Discord Channel to Bitcointalk thread:

“As mentioned a few times it is time to give some work over to the community .
We had for long time an official discord and a Second community discord were I have no mod rights.
This was the slow beginning to explain the last ones that I am not Telos.. I work on the code and I use telos .. it’s my multi purpose utility token of choice .. but it is also your coin and everyone’s coin. I am not important , my personal views on the world are not important. If I hate or love you is not important.

So finaly after this Saturday went again into a senseless discussion in the official discord i made it true and pushed the button .. the discord is now gone.

We will now come up with Telosgram (a funny namesugestion of a Community member) for aml-now User .. Spamfree , botfree.. estimated time for launch is 1 week starting from Monday.

Discord users are invited to the community discord.

Original post: https://telosnews.com/index.php/2020/06/20/official-transcendence-discord-shut-down-by-pascal/

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