The truth about PIVX’s PoS exploid

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Important Updates as of 8/12/19 7:45 PST

I’m not sure where to even begin. The fact that the devs downright lied, started attacking me personally, banned me from their Discord after requesting a civil discussion so that I can clear their name of any wrong-doing, or being called a “nobody with a shitty chain.”I made the mistake of wandering into the PIVX discord room, and surely enough, I saw posts of not only the devs trying to discredit me, but spewing lies that contradict what they had said through their “proxy man” the other day.1. The developers maintained their stance that the issue has been fixed. One problem though. That directly contradicts what I’ve been told the other day.

2. The developers then blamed the attacks on “crappy chains” because of their decision to comment out a line that would lead to a missing nTime check.But wait a minute… the address that I posted which was exploiting this bug was a PIVX address? So did PIVX remove their nTime check as well?!3. I decided to jump into the convo again, and the personal attacks began.[7:17 PM] Han | TeamLunar: All I wanted was any sort of response from the devs — received 0[7:18 PM] Han | TeamLunar: I hope no one takes this personally; I have a duty to protect my clients as well as the blockchain space[7:18 PM] Han | TeamLunar: and the fact that devs still havent come out with a statement to me in 36 hours is concerning[7:19 PM] Han | TeamLunar: I will edit the article as soon as they give a statement on wtf is going on[7:21 PM] furszy: 36hs in a weekend and you prepared all of that nonsense? Someone have everything planned for a long time.. we work for PIVX, not for your crappy chain. We are working.. something that you seems to not know.[7:21 PM] furszy: go to whatever place you want, you are not welcome here.[7:21 PM] Han | TeamLunar: I don’t “have any chain.” All I asked was for an explanation .[7:22 PM] Han | TeamLunar: Keeping things civil[7:22 PM] furszy: nah, you are just stating crap and requesting stuff when you are nobody[7:23 PM] Han | TeamLunar: so can I get an explanation or not?At this point I was banned from the channel; luckily I saw it coming and managed to get the chat logs to show the world that their mentality is still in high school drama.4. The lack of maturity, the constant avoiding of a simple question, and the unwillingness to talk taught me a lot about “furszy.” Would it have been so hard to simply explain something along the lines “X happened, but Y caused some issues, so we’re working on Z.”In fact, simple human psychology studies would characterize his incredibly defensive stance as a trait of someone who is hiding something — someone feeling extreme guilt and of whatever it may be and the fear of getting caught.5. Was I in the wrong to be asking questions? I really wanted to clear their name of any wrong doing. This was the first email I sent to them – polite and respectful.

6. Why was the BitGreen devs able to halt the attack in a few days, while PIVX has knowingly let this exploit go on for god knows how long?Something fishy is definitely going on in the fantasy world of PIVX. Lies, coverups, and silence is just scratching the surface.

Last Update as of 8/14/19 7:00 AM

It appears that it is not the same ‘fake-stake’ bug from earlier this year. I apologize for jumping to that conclusion. However, that does not change the fact that:1. When I first engaged with them, they said they were already aware of the bug and were working on a fix for 4.0.2. They deny any problems on their network and blames “shitty forks” for removing a line of code, when it’s happening on their blockchain3. Once media picks up the story now they publicly admit to be “looking into the matter seriously.”Nothing adds up here. If they knew about the bug but were only made aware of the bug after I had notified them, are they implying that there are more bugs? Or are they backtracking to save their asses… Anyways, I don’t have time to write a response to their response in an ongoing back and forth, but don’t blame me for publishing the story when you personally attack me and ban me from Discord without answering a single question.

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