What is CI (Continues Integration)? And why do so few blockchain projects use it?

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It is a great tool in software production that you would not want to miss.

First of all a very simple explanation what is it.

Alice, Bob and Zoe work together on one software and with the same software repository. Alice has the task to fix a security bug, Bob implements a new function and Zoe makes changes to the design.

The CI system is directly connected to the software repository and listens for all changes.

When one of the three pushes a change into the repository, the CI automatically starts the job and compiles the software package.

The goal is, to be able to compile the software artifact with all changes so that it is functional. Of course, errors occur during programming or the various changes are not compatible with each other.

If our 3 programmers from our example have worked on it, say 1 week each, that is 120 hours together. If you now work for 1 week and compile hundreds or thousands of code changes, and it fails the first time because of an error, it would be a lot of work to find out where the error is and which commit causes the error.

The CI system works permanently and if it fails, you can see immediately which commit is responsible for the error and you can fix it directly.

I write mostly alone on my own blockchain code and of course I use a CI system. It is often a real life saver. If you write a few days on your code and make hundreds of changes and after days you compile and then you realize that there is a bug in it you will not be happy because you have to search endlessly.

Even a semi-professional developer uses a CI system, especially since it is available free of charge.

It is a simple insight behind the scenes and the professionalism of the person who develops the blockchain code.

An overview of which Masternode Blockchain projects use continues integration tools can be found in our overview.

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